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Writing secondary-world fantasy is like writing historical fiction, except you have to make everything up.” With Diriye Osman at The Huffington Post.

In this book, I’m saying everything I have left to say about epic fantasy.” With Adam Morgan in the Chicago Review of Books.

I’m immersed in language. I’m under language.” With Lilliam Rivera in the LA Times.

Making life one giant book club. With Mahvesh Murad on the Midnight in Karachi podcast.

I guess I carry a lot of poetry.” With Kati Heng at Weird Sister.

A conversation with Karen Burnham about Rose Lemberg’s poetry collection Marginalia to Stone Bird, at Strange Horizons.

Girl Monsters.” With Sarah McCarry at

I come from a country that exists only on paper.” With Fiston Mwanza Mujila and Roland Glasser at BOMB.

Are you a Mennonite writer?” With Greg Bechtel, author of Boundary Problems, at the Center for Mennonite Writing.

How would you describe the relationship between myth and science fiction?” With Jennifer Marie Brissett, author of Elysium, at Strange Horizons.

I’m generally anti-realist.” With Tobias Carroll at Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Against the normative world.” With Ashon Crawley at The New Inquiry.

How does the fantastic relate to diasporic experiences?” With Crawford Award co-winners Zen Cho and Stephanie Feldman at Electric Literature.

Reading Bhanu Kapil: a roundtable at The Believer with Amina Cain, Douglas A. Martin, Kate Zambreno, and Jenny Zhang. It’s a three-day project; on the first day, we talked about how we first encountered Bhanu’s work.

I see her project as a series of erasures and fragmentations, yes, but also a series of relationships.” Reading Bhanu Kapil, Day Two.

Write what never ends.” Reading Bhanu Kapil, Day Three: we talked about her devastating and beautiful new book Ban en Banlieue.

What even is African literature anyway?” With Aaron Bady and Keguro Macharia at The New Inquiry.

Every angel is terrifying.” With Z.M. Quỳnh at Fiction Vortex.

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How do you draw from the past in order to spring into the future?” With Aaron Bady and Nnedi Okorafor at Jalada. This is a transcript from the Symposium for African Writers at UT Austin (December 2014).

I wrote A Stranger in Olondria as a wanderer…” With Diriye Osman at The Huffington Post.

Fantasy is not the fringe, really, if you take narrative as a whole. It is the center.” With Aaron Bady in the series African Writers in a New World at the Post45 blog.

I love books so much, there’s a temptation to fetishize them.” With Alicia Cole at Black Fox.

What can an image do for a word artist?” With Jeff VanderMeer and Jeremy Zerfoss, creators of Wonderbook, an illustrated guide to writing, at Interfictions. 

Trust the story.” With Sarah McCarry at

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So then I had a realist phase… AWFUL.” With Erin Hoffman at Ideomancer.

It’s about someone who leaves home and then he’s haunted by a ghost.” With Locus Magazine.

I wanted to write the book I wanted.” With Nic Clarke at Strange Horizons.

My process so far is to write a very long book and then throw away half of it.” At The Qwillery.

Write your heart out.” With Nalo Hopkinson at Strange Horizons.